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Sarah and Scott are the epitome of an adventurous couple + possibly the most laid back couple in the world. Upon first contact, I knew we were meant to work together. They were ready to throw traditions to the wind and start off marriage with an adventure. They may not have known exactly where they wanted to get married, but they did know the only witnesses they needed beside them were their dogs, Goose + Tag. Not surprising since they own Pet Station Country Club in Louisville, a boarding and daycare service for pets. Other fun facts about them include they love binge-watching + quoting The Office (but who doesn’t??), they adorably nicknamed themselves #sbsquared since both of their initials are “SB”, and since they roadtripped outwest for their elopement, they ended their trip with a honeymoon skiing trip to Breckenridge, CO.  

Although originally thinking about heading to the mountains for their elopement, Sarah and Scott were open to suggestions on epic locations. I helped throw out some location ideas, which lead to Sarah & Scott falling in love with the idea of saying their vows in Moab, Utah. Fast forward a bit and there they were at the edge of a cliff at Dead Horse State Park in Moab, Utah ready to embark on this new and exciting journey, marriage.

There is something so simple, yet magical about the vast desert, and the view overlooking Dead Horse State Park was nothing short of spectacular. Yet the view somewhow seemed to become inferior to Sarah and Scott as they began to read their heartfelt vows to one another. Tears of happiness, lots of smiles, and a few laughs ensued as they laid out each commitment to one another. Their dogs, who patiently watched along each side of them, perked up with excitement as their mom and dad officially became a family.

We ended the evening with an epic portrait session, soaking up the last bit of sun during the most magical sunset. I am beyond glad these two had plenty of time to soak in all of the beauty with their pups by their side. To top things off, I headed to Moab diner for a night cap with our newlywed couple and the rest of our killer team. Did we all just become best friends?? Yup.

Lastly, I have to brag on the incredible team that helped pull off this amazing elopement. I got to travel with a kickass crew of creatives who all helped make the day perfection. Tyler and Allison of Happy Camper Films + Jamie and Adria with State & Arrow Design Co were alongside me and I am truly thankful to have been able to enjoy their talent & their company.




Chloe & Stephen have been married for six years and are the parents to two adorable young boys. These love birds decided to take a night to themselves, left the kiddos at home, and spent the evening bringing out the wild, playful love that started it all. I helped style their choice of attire, which was wedding-like, and was quite a contrast to the style they rocked six years ago on their wedding day. The bouquet by State & Arrow Design Co was 100% foraged the morning of the shoot and is easily my favorite floral bouquet to date. They also could not have matched the cotton candy sunset the sky painted for us that night!!

Married couples, I am giving you permission to highlight your love and growth. Everything that you all now are individually and as a couple. Marriage is a beautiful journey that should be highlighted throughout, not just at the beginning. 

Anniversary Sessions are slowly becoming my favorite time to adventure with my couples. Seeing their relationships grow and strengthen with the years is an amazing thing to witness. If you are interested in an anniversary session or an intimate vow renewal, I would LOVE to be a part of it. I even offer packaging options with styling and planning included. I love making beautiful sessions like this happen and am happy to help however I can!









Sam and Joey are possibly the sweetest, most genuinely-in-love couple I have photographed to date. I had the pleasure of meeting Sam and her family in 2012 when I photographed her brother’s wedding and have been friends with their sweet family ever since. I was thrilled when Sam reached out to me about also documenting her day!

It was incredible how Sam and Joey’s families pitched in to make sure their day was perfect. Joey’s mother and sister spent the entire morning setting up the venue and perfecting the floral arrangements they did themselves, while they had their cousins to style the Sam’s hair and her makeup. Beyond her obviously gorgeous boho chic Rue De Seine wedding dress and flowy floral details, the couple themselves possessed a carefree persona the entire day which made documenting their day that much more enjoyable.

Sam is Joey’s bohemian princess, and their love is nothing short of a fairytale romance. Sam and Joey not only light up each other with their joy, but the lives of everyone else around them. The pure bliss that encompassed the entirety of their wedding day was intoxicating. With every interaction between Sam and Joey, there were giggles, smiles and stealing kisses whenever they had the chance. It was the type of wedding that had me tearing up during every speech, dance, and ceremony story. It is easy to see that these two were made for each other.  They have already experienced so much together, from a serious car wreck early on in their relationship to the struggles of long distance travels ever since Joey’s band, Nightly, recently signed with a label. This was just another wonderful piece to their story. So grateful to have been able to witness and document their unwavering love.

Lastly, I wanted to give a big SHOUT OUT to Yaseli Olivera for being my killer second shooter!!

Be sure to also watch out highlight video of Sam & Joey’s day below!!


Brooke & Baron had the dreamiest wedding at the Bowman Field Hangar at Louisville Executive Aviation. When you have soft magical light and airplanes coming at you from all angles, you know that it is going to be a good wedding. Boho-chic would probably be the way I would have to describe Brooke and Baron’s wedding. Nothing like sophistication with a slight boho twist. Please take a second to awe at Brooke’s mismatched bridesmaids dresses, as well the groomsmen’s luchador masks, which also made an appearance during Brooke & Baron’s first dance. All the love for these two and their fun and spontaneous souls!