Are you ready to let your love stand out??


Let’s face it, wedding planning comes with an absurd amount of decisions + pressure. Let us make this one easy for you. Love your photographs + feel confident you are walking away with memories that will stand the test of time, all while enjoying the experience.


We want you to hire us because you value photography & because you believe in the power of raw, authentic images that can immediately take you back to a fleeting moment. Our approach is genuine, laid back & catered to each of our couples. We don’t believe in rules & encourage anything off of the beaten path. We do believe in simplicity + intentionality.


We mold each session to our couples depending on their styles, personalities, interactions, physical differences, the given backdrop, etc. Hence we will never photograph two couples the exact same way.


If you trust our visions and our guidance, we will create magic together.


If you come as you are + trust our visions and our guidance, we will create magic together.

simple joys in our lives...

Meet the Team

Susan Jordan

I am a traveling adventurer + wilderness explorer with a homebody heart. I am pretty darn happy to currently call Louisville, Kentucky home, but frequent Colorado + explore new terrain as much as possible! When I am not at home cuddled up with my husband, Kevin, & our rescue pup Terra, you can find us traveling the world, working on our fixer upper, and hiking + camping in the woods.


I strongly believes that waffles > pancakes. I am an Enneagram 3 + Quality Time is the way to my heart.


I am lead photographer and founder of Love Hunters, head of communication + planning, when I am not shooting weddings + families, I also specialize in brand photography + helping other badass creatives stand out.

Kevin Jordan

This handsome bearded man you see is my husband, Kevin. My best friend + adventure partner + constant reminder to not take life too seriously. We got married 3.5 years ago, and now have a little babe on the way, who we can’t wait to meet!


He is an expert fire-starter, and his favorite place to be is in the mountains on a snowboard. Halloween is his absolute favorite holiday, he is a thrifting extraordinar, loves to scare me by backflipping off of giant cliffs, & is my own personal Chip Gaines. Sitting still is his biggest life struggle.


Plan to book us for videography? You'll likely be seeing his burly face at your event.

Sam Hunter

Sam is my go-to associate photographer. We have been rocking out photographing weddings together for the past nine years now. We typically photograph our larger weddings with 200+ guests & larger wedding parties together. Booking both of us can help cut out that extra time that is often needed and added on for larger weddings since we often divide to conquer. He also takes on a handful of weddings himself each year.


He is the most talented landscape and cityscape photographer I know. He is married to an adorable gal named Devin + has the cutest Aussie-Poo, loves driving his 1969 Camaro, is an occasional sky-diver & frequents his favorite city Chicago as often as possible.


Part of Susan & Kevin’s pack. A rescue airedale Terrier who often thinks she is a cat. She is an extravert who believes every person + dog wants to be her new BFF. Her guilty pleasure is vanilla ice cream. She loves trying to sneak into the car when you are about to leave, “playing dumb” when caught doing something wrong and is a skeptic to majority of our demands, however, she will do any trick for a treat... except roll-over.


Sam’s sweet Aussie-Poo, named after his favorite team, the Chicago Cubs. He enjoys stealing licks of your food when you aren’t looking, collecting socks, and chasing rabbits (although he doesn’t know what to do when he catches one). He doesn’t particularly like car rides, which makes his car loving owner sad. Can always be found dragging his blankets with him around the house for comfort.




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