Photographer Traveler | Branding Expert 

 Hi! My name is Susan Jordan and I am the founder of Love Hunters. I am a full-time photographer specializing in elopements, weddings, & couples photography.

I consider myself lucky to have been perfecting my craft for the last seven years and meeting some incredibly rad people along the way! I have also started dabbling in videography and I am kind of obsessed with seeing my art in motion. While Photography holds a huge chunk of my heart and helps fuel my creative soul, it does not define me.

I am a traveling adventurer + wilderness explorer with a homebody heart. I am pretty darn happy to currently call Louisville, Kentucky home, but try and frequent Colorado and Utah, as well as explore new terrain as much as possible! When I am not at home cuddled up with my husband, Kevin, you can find us traveling the world, hiking, climbing, or camping in the woods. I can't imagine doing this life with anyone else.

Follow us along on our personal adventures here#exJORDANary #exJORDANarytravels 

I typically choose tea over coffee, could eat hashbrowns for every meal, love jotting down notes + collect an unnecessary number of notepads and journals, and would go sky-diving over scuba-diving any day.  


Photographer Traveler | Adrenaline Junkie

This is Sam, he is my go-to associate photographer. We have been rocking out photographing weddings together for seven years now. We typically photograph our larger weddings with 200+ guests & larger wedding parties. Booking both of us can help cut out that extra time that is often needed and added on for larger weddings since we often divide to conquer.

He is the most talented landscape and cityscape photographer I know. Seriously, check out his personal work here. He is a newlywed to an adorable gal named Devin, loves driving his 1969 Camaro, he is an occasional sky-diver + adrenaline  junky, & frequents Chicago as often as possible.  

How did we start working together? We were both shooting for the Louisville Cardinal Newspaper together in college, took a few classes together, and decided to continue working together once I decided I wanted to become a full-time wedding photographer.


We want you to hire us because you value photography & because you believe in the power of raw, genuine images that can immediately take you back to a fleeting moment. Our approach is genuine, laid back & adventurous. We are particularly drawn to the intimacy and unique relationship each of our couples possess. Romance + the perfect light makes us giddy. We don't believe in rules and encourage anything off of the beaten path. We do believe in simplicity + intentionality. What it may be that ignites your wild love, we are ready to bring out that fire in you.

Does our work make you want to frolic through a field, jump in a lake, climb a mountain, or snuggle up on the couch with your love?? Then let’s adventure together & get messy, or get cozy in your home with some coffee or mimosas. Just say when and where, we’ll handle the rest. Let's make some magic happen.