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We can not stand the prevalent connotation that is attached to the job title “Wedding Photographers.” We are over shot lists. We are through with the “rules” and “have-tos.” Damn the traditions that are attached to planning your wedding. We believe you should be you and do you. We are ready to photograph your unique adventure and to get back to the true reason why weddings are documented. Are you with us??


We are wanderlust photographers seeking out genuine connections between couples all over the world. Our goal is to put the emphasis on wedding photography back where it belongs: the couple’s commitment to one another. In regards to both marriage and wedding photography, we believe that the journey is often more important than the end results. Our approach is genuine, laid back & adventurous. During our shoots, we hunt for raw emotion and amazing light. Utilizing the beautiful, powerful connections and personalities our couples possess as fuel, we climb mountains, hike muddy trails through the rain, and forge paths in order to bring our vision and your story to life. So let’s go adventure together. We can’t wait to see what amazing things unfold!


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