Chloe & Stephen | Anniversary Session at Shaker Village in Harrodsburg, Kentucky

Chloe & Stephen have been married for six years and are the parents to two adorable young boys. These love birds decided to take a night to themselves, left the kiddos at home, and spent the evening bringing out the wild, playful love that started it all. I helped style their choice of attire, which was wedding-like, and was quite a contrast to the style they rocked six years ago on their wedding day. The bouquet by State & Arrow Design Co was 100% foraged the morning of the shoot and is easily my favorite floral bouquet to date. They also could not have matched the cotton candy sunset the sky painted for us that night!!

Married couples, I am giving you permission to highlight your love and growth. Everything that you all now are individually and as a couple. Marriage is a beautiful journey that should be highlighted throughout, not just at the beginning. 

Anniversary Sessions are slowly becoming my favorite time to adventure with my couples. Seeing their relationships grow and strengthen with the years is an amazing thing to witness. If you are interested in an anniversary session or an intimate vow renewal, I would LOVE to be a part of it. I even offer packaging options with styling and planning included. I love making beautiful sessions like this happen and am happy to help however I can!

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