Our love for video started by documenting our own travels. The GoPro quickly became our favorite companion to bring with us on our adventures, from backpacking trips in the mountains to our Jamaican Honeymoon. After grabbing a good amount of footage from our own Honeymoon, I decided to start diving into the world of video!

I had always been intrigued by videos, often creepily watching strangers’ videos by my favorite filmmakers. It became a little bit of an obsession and instead of just watching them, I found myself picking them a part, personally noting what my favorite parts of each video were that made the most impact. Finally having footage of our own allowed me to attempt editing myself, which I quickly found out that I LOVE EDITING VIDEO. Seriously. It is such a fun creative outlet and I am enjoying everything about it.

This is why I am beyond excited to share a new offering for all of the adventurous couples out there! We are now offering HONEYMOON FILMS.

Is there truly any better trip than your honeymoon!!?!? This service is open to both our couples and any other adventurous. Don’t have a GoPro or fancy camera? We got you!! Not only will we edit your honeymoon footage into a fun trailer for you to remember for years and years to come, but we will also lend you a top notch GoPro + Accessories + a PDF guide to help you feel confident you will get the footage you need for a rad video!

While we would love to be able to join couples on their honeymoon for some epic photos + film, it isn’t always feasible. This is why we have started to offer these Honeymoon Highlight videos filmed by our adventurous couples and edited by us into a fun, creative trailer to share with others + keep for years and years to come! It doesn’t matter if you are beachin’ it, skiing, road-tripping, etc. We want to help share your adventure with the world.

Below I have both our own honeymoon video + our friends, Sarah & Drew’s honeymoon video.

When searching for the perfect honeymoon location, my husband, Kevin, and I were looking for the perfect mix of adventure + relaxation. When we stumbled upon the Rockhouse Hotel, we knew we had to go. Not only did we have our own private Villa along the cliffside, but a private cliff to jump off of into the ocean. Talk about dreamy. I am so glad we brought our GoPro along while exploring Jamaica!!

Sarah and Drew spent their honeymoon in St. Lucia, exploring the island and documenting it along the way. We are thrilled to be sharing this video with them that they will be able to watch so they can relive their honeymoon bliss over and over again!!


Honeymoon Film Packages Include:

  • GoPro Rental
  • 3-5 minute Highlight Video of your footage to fun licensed music
  • PDF of Filming Tips

Interested in a Honeymoon Film!?? Want to gift one to a couple? Already been on your honeymoon but planning another adventure with your love? We can edit your other adventurous vacations too!  Contact ustoday for more info!!